Whitechapel Gallery

A successful exhibition for me is one where I immediately want to rush home and make work. I suppose its a bit like porn - if it doesn’t make you want to join in it isn’t working.  The current Whitechapel exhibitions are a mixture of many media and several artists, including two works made in collaboration with children. Several shows look backwards, one recreating elements of a 1973 sweet extravaganza, where five hundred kids were involved in an exhibition using sweets to  teach about art and Europe - timed to mark Britain’s entry into the European Common Market.

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Point of View

If you Google Point of View hundreds of links turn up and most books about creative writing have chapters on it.  I don't plan to cover every nuance but it is something that I spent a lot of time thinking about when I did my MA.

First person is told by a narrator who describes the action as thought they were explaining it to another person. Imagine describing your first day at school. I  think everyone (anyone) reading this is likely to be old enough that their first day at school is a distant memory. It might run something like this

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Rod Griffiths